5 Steps To Set Up Labuan International Company | QX Trust | Offshore Labuan Consultants

To set up your Labuan International company, you need to obtain approvals from relevant authorities by going through a diligent process. This service, along with others, are backed by our Service Agreement, so the fee would be fully refundable, in case, the approval is denied. Although, the chances of that are low with our tailor-made and detailed processing.

Once your personal profile and objective to set up a Labuan International Company is approved, we will recommend you to a right entity that will mentor you through each step to establish your very own Labuan company in Malaysia. Steps include:

  • Nature and structure of your company aligns with tax laws
  • Propose 2 names for your company (for availability)
  • Decide on suffix like "Co.Ltd", "Limited", "Labuan", "LLC", "Inc" or "Ltd".
  • Decide on shareholders and percentage of ownerships.
  • Confirm bank account opening by completing profile and banker interview.
  • Decide if you need a 2 years multiple entry Labuan work visa for you and your partners.
  • Decide if you need any dependents for your work visa application.

How to Successfully Set Up Labuan International Company in Malaysia (Profiling and Documentation)

Our company is going to help you with profiling your documents and guide you through each stage of documentation. This will ensure high chances of approval. Here are 5 simple steps for documentation:

  1. Registration of the company
  2. Application of Labuan Business Visa for Main Applicant
  3. Application of Visa Entry for Dependents
  4. Arrival at Labuan Immigration for Visa Stamping
  5. Opening of Bank Account and Interview

Malaysian Government is very open to foreigners who are looking forward to setting up International Businesses in Malaysia so that they are able to avail low tax benefit and ownership of 100% via Labuan International Company. However, it is expected that these companies comply with the following mentioned authorities:

  1. Labuan Financial Services Authority
  2. Inland Revenue Authority
  3. Malaysia Immigration Department
  4. Central Bank of Malaysia

At QX Trust Co. Ltd, you need not worry about setting up your Labuan International Company in Malaysia. We have long been in this business and will make sure that your company is active, does not get penalised or blacklisted, your bank account works properly and is in accordance with Malaysian laws and your business VISA validity is renewed after expiry. We will be in touch with you constantly so as to make sure that all your documentation is done correctly and make sure the process as smooth for you as possible.