Guide to Setting up Personal Investment Holding Company in Labuan

There are several ways in which Labuan can be used as an investment vehicle. One of the Labuan jurisdiction’s key advantages is that it offers 100% foreign ownership and NO taxes.  Malaysian and foreigners are allowed to set up personal Investment Holding Company (IHC) by being the shareholder. These Labuan Investment Holding Company (Labuan IHC) owners may hold access to the bank account of various foreign currencies. Since Labuan IHC diversifies the business, it makes acquisition simpler and also allows the business owners to maintain ownership throughout the structure.

Let us have a look at the tax profile of a Labuan investment holding company:


  • No withholding tax on dividends, royalty fees, management account, etc
  • 50% tax rebate on personal income
  • No GST or sales tax on international business activities
  • No foreign exchange control
  • Zero tax on holding assets and properties
  • Allowed to have multiple currency bank accounts
  • Able to invest in overseas real-estate, including Malaysia

In simple words, the Labuan investment holding company can hold assets and investments of any kind. Most entrepreneurs and successful business owners favour the high degree of flexibility and structure. An investment holding company is also incorporated to own various properties in copyright fields and real estate. In addition to the above, a Labuan IHC used for holding purposes is not taxable (0% Tax); hence with proper corporate structuring, business owners can benefit from using the Labuan IHC without having to pay excessive tax.

Before setting up an investment holding company in Malaysia, you should understand the Companies Act rules. To set up your Investment Holding Company in Labuan, there are a few more rules to observe and, most importantly, is the need to engage a reliable trust company.

Activities Performed by an Investment Holding Company in Labuan:


  • Holding investments for other companies in Malaysia or overseas
  • Holding stake in a newly acquired business
  • Holding investment for securities, stocks, loans, and deposits
  • Holding financing for real estate and immovable properties

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