How to obtain Virtual Office rental in Labuan free trade zone in Malaysia | QX Trust | Offshore Labuan Consultants

Labuan in Malaysia is a favoured destination for those desirous of setting up business overseas. As compared to other erstwhile so called tax heavens like Cayman Islands or Monaco, Labuan in Malaysia has distinct advantages due to its geographical location. It is a ‘mid-shore’ free trade jurisdiction for foreigners desirous of setting up an overseas venture.

Since the owner of the Labuan company would be away for most of the time, existence of a representative office on site at Labuan is a must.

We at QX Trust Co. Ltd will ensure that you obtain it efficiently and in a hassle free process within a short time.

We will ensure that you will get an address in an established prime location that you can proudly declare to be your Labuan Address.

  • You will be provided with a local phone number as well as call answering services.
  • We will also provide mail handling services for you.
  • The various Virtual office rental plans ensure that you get exactly what you require and at a very reasonable cost.
  • You can customize your virtual office rent plan.
  • If need be, you can easily relocate to another location offered by us at no extra cost.