Meet the Best Offshore Services Provider in Labuan

Labuan is a well-known offshore territory that is controlled by Malaysia from October 1990.  Further, in 2010, the Financial Services Authority of Labuan was established to regulate the offshore companies in Labuan. The Malaysian legislation introduced several amendments and clarifications that allow the establishment of transparent business contacts with foreign business owners and acquire the status of Labuan IBFC.

Foreign investors, who are interested in registering a company, can choose from two forms of incorporation approved by the law of jurisdiction. The corresponding license is also required for verification of trust, lease, insurance, and banking institutions of offshore type from the relevant governing bodies of Malaysia. A Malaysian licensed trust organisation is involved in preparing registration certificates and formalities, as well as be engaged in the process of incorporation.

We at QX Trust have been assisting our clients for decades for the establishment of offshore business as well as financial services licenses in Labuan. Our commitment to work and transparency with the customers is what makes us the Best Offshore Services Provider in Labuan, Malaysia. The profit of operating an offshore business in Labuan IBFC is countless, and the tax benefits is either no or minimum tax to believed on the profits derived from an overseas company. Applicants for business licenses must have sound financial capability, reliable industry track records, competency, and sound AML/CFT practice. We have years of experience and proven track record in assisting our clients in the incorporation of trading and non-trading businesses as well as financial services licenses.

Offshore companies are broadly categorised into four parts:

  • Company Limited by Guarantee;
  • Private Unlimited Company;
  • Private Company Limited by Shares;
  • Public Company Limited by Shares.

The main goals behind these new laws were to help make Labuan a more attractive choice for offshore investors and the safest place to Open an Offshore Bank Account. The robust banking framework and great level of privacy is what makes Labuan one of the Best Countries to Open Offshore Bank Account. In case you are also looking for offshore business services in Labuan then reach us at +60 3 9212 6940 or to get connected with our team for A TO Z guidance. We have several years of experience in rendering offshore business services to the clients.