A Labuan Private Fund can be registered under Labuan Company, Protected Cells or a Limited Partnership. Most entrepreneurs will use a Labuan Company for easy management and aim for future listing in the exchanges.

Yes, they can be Malaysian individuals and corporate. However, the income derived their investment will be subjected to local Malaysia tax rate of 24%. The account has to be audited to file with the Inland Revenue- Local Department

Labuan entities, foreign individuals and corporate. The profit tax will be subjected to Labuan Business Tax Act of 3% with audited report.

No. You can promote the fund in Labuan or outside Malaysia.

Not for Labuan Private Fund but these appointment is applicable to Labuan Public Fund

Yes and it is applicable for all instruments of the fund.

Director’s fees are fully tax exempt for the Directors. Managerial posts the expatriates employment will enjoy 50% tax rebate on their salaries. These incentives are applicable up to Year Assessment 2020.

Yes, you can for your foreign directors and employees. They can enjoy tax rebate rate of 50% for the income they received.

One investment objective per company. It can be open-ended or closed-ended with fund size unlimited.

Yes, most exchanges like HKex, SGX and Australia recognised Labuan entities for listing.

Yes, any foreign currencies except Ringgit

Yes, a Labuan Private fund can invest in Malaysian Ventures

Once you have obtained the approval of the Memorandum of Information.

Memorandum of Information of the fund is required to submit to Labuan FSA, the approval often within 30 to 45 days.

Yes, if the Company did not pay the annual fee within 8 months, the company will be strike off.