Register Your Labuan Company with QX Trust

Labuan, located off the coast of Sabah state in Malaysia, has been a center of attraction for foreign investors to set up and operate their offshore business. With the recent changes in tax law, Labuan company owners are permitted to deal freely with Malaysian entities in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) with a single-tier tax rate of 3% for trading companies and 0% for non-trading companies. Along with this, offshore companies in Labuan have several other benefits. They include:

  • 100% ownership by foreigners
  • Minimum one director and one shareholder is needed to start an offshore business
  • Corporate tax rate of 3%
  • Dividends are exempted from tax
  • Permitted to open an offshore bank account for business
  • Domiciled in a well-regulated jurisdiction with stable laws
  • No need to obtain a trade license for operating your offshore business
  • No financial audit is required for investment holding companies

The offshore company registration process in Labuan is simple and straight forward. The incorporation process will be guided through from the preparation of KYC documents until the bank account opening. For that, feel free to get in touch with QX Trust team. Our consultants have years of experience in providing offshore company registration services and advisory for cross border business transactions to entrepreneurs and established business owners.

How to Start an Offshore Business in Labuan?

Being domiciled in the right jurisdiction is crucial for any offshore business setup. Labuan’s robust legal framework, low corporate tax, confidentiality, full banking eco-system, and placed in a strategic location has attracted most of the international investors who are entering into ASEAN and Asia Pacific markets to set up a Labuan Offshore Company to enjoy the maximum profits of their businesses through a Labuan entity!

Be it registering your offshore business or obtaining the license for your company; everything can be done quickly and smoothly under the guidance of our QX Trust team. For investors looking to enter the Asian market, our QX Trust team can be your perfect partner to assist with the hassle-free procedure of setting up a Labuan company.

Our excellent team of consultants will help you with:

  • Preparation of documents required for registration
  • Submitting the application form to the registry
  • Registration of the company with the Inland Revenue Board to obtain the tax certificate
  • Choose the right offshore banker to deposit your capital in a Malaysian bank
  • Full assistance with company registration to opening an offshore bank account

Labuan with its robust regulatory framework, stable laws and more importantly also offers confidentiality for businesses domiciled in its jurisdiction; and these are some of the key attractions that international investors would consider for their offshore business. Registration and establishment of a Labuan company is straight forward however it is also utmost important as engaging an experienced Trust Company is fundamental to offer comprehensive and practical advice for your offshore establishment. To facilitate the Labuan Company Registration, QX Trust also ensures that your company and its annual operations complies and meet with the new economic substance requirements too.

In addition to Labuan Offshore Company Registration, other services offered by QX Trust include assisting international investors in obtaining financial business licenses application related to FinTech, cryptocurrency, payment system, banking, money broking, fund management, mutual fund, insurance and insurance related and many more.

For more information, contact QX Trust at +60 3 9212 6940 or for a complimentary consultation.