Why It Is Beneficial for Companies to Have Offshore Accounts | QX Trust | Offshore Labuan Consultants

Companies or businesses that have offshore accounts are often demonized by the media. Offshore account holders are labeled as tax evaders and those that illegally stash away their money in some shady bank located on obscure places around the world. However, this is not completely true as it is perfectly legal and offers many advantages. This post aims to highlight the key advantages that companies enjoy by having offshore accounts.

Tax Advantages

Many countries around the world offer tax incentives so as to encourage foreign investors. For example, tax payable by foreign companies that set up operations and open bank accounts in the offshore jurisdiction of Labuan is just 3 percent provided they comply with certain conditions. Many multinational companies have already set up accounts are taking advantage of the favorable Labuan tax rates. Small countries with limited resources attract investors by promoting a healthy investment climate to attract outside wealth and increase economic activity.

Asset Protection

Offshore jurisdictions present an opportunity for restructuring asset ownership through foundations trusts, or corporations. Many companies that are concerned about lawsuits, creditors collecting outstanding debts, or foreclosing lenders choose to transfer a part of their assets to an entity outside the home country. Transfer of ownership on paper prevents companies from becoming susceptible to seizure and other domestic problems.


Many offshore accounts come with the complementary advantage of secrecy legislation as the countries offering offshore jurisdictions often enact laws for establishing strict banking and corporate confidentiality. The offending party will have to face serious consequences for breaching confidentiality. For example, divulging customer identities is considered as a breach of confidentiality. In some jurisdictions, disclosure of shareholder information amounts to breaching corporate confidentiality.

Diversification of Investments

Regulations in some countries restrict individuals and companies from taking advantage of international investment opportunities. Such restrictions hinder the establishment of diversified investment portfolios. On the other hand, offshore accounts offer investors with unlimited access to the best and most profitable international markets because of their flexible nature. Moreover, developing nations present many opportunities, especially countries that are poised for privatization sectors formerly controlled by the government. For instance, the willingness of China to privatize certain industries presents investors with immense possibilities because it is the largest consumer market in the world.

Secure and Safe Environment

Many countries are prone to different forms of risks, instability, and threats because of political, religious, economic, and ethnic reasons and natural calamities. The more the vulnerability of a country to such instability, the lesser will be the safety and security of the assets of businesses in these countries. Establishing an offshore account in one of the countries that are not prone to such vulnerabilities ensures peace of mind for investors.

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