Why You Need to Open Labuan Offshore Company?

Privacy, tax efficiency and liability protection are three main deciding factors while choosing the location of an offshore business setup. For the people looking to start their offshore business, Labuan can be their perfect vehicle. One of the few offshore financial centres in Asia is Labuan, Malaysia. It has attracted a vast number of foreign investors and multinational businesses across the globe by using Labuan as the operational centre of their international business. Operating through a Labuan Offshore Company, it allows you to conduct your business and finances with very low tax and high level of privacy. In case you are also looking to enter the ASEAN and Asia Pacific market and set up your offshore business, QX Trust is definitely your reliable partner. We have assisted many entrepreneurs and established business owners in setting up their offshore business in Labuan, leaving our clients more time to focus on other important decisions for their new business.

A Labuan Offshore Company allows you to plan your tax efficiently and benefit from the various tax exemptions. In addition to that, incorporating a Labuan Company allows you to receive your transactions in your foreign currency of choice. One of the most favourable advantages of the Labuan international offshore company is the massive range of trading activities is permissible in the Labuan jurisdiction. Additionally, it has a simple legal structure for offshore company formation. Instead of cumbersome documentation coupled with a complex structure, the establishment only requires one Director and one Shareholder; both the positions can be of the same person.

QX Trust is a full-fledged Trust Company in Labuan, licensed by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, with more than 8 years of experience in assisting clients with their offshore and on-shore business incorporation. As a licensed trust company, QX Trust offers full support from due diligence, expatriate visa, and company incorporation including assisting clients with financial services license application.

Role of QX Trust in setting up a Labuan company :

  • Responsible for successfully incorporating and registering Labuan entities
  • Comply with the due diligence process as per the Labuan FSA guidelines
  • Act as the company secretary for Labuan entities and perform the duties which include the lodgment of documents to Labuan FSA, record keeping of statuary compliance etc.

With the global footprint and proven track record, QX Trust has assisted many clients with their offshore business set up in Labuan. Incorporating a Labuan Company with us is simple and even though it is a great excuse to visit Malaysia, the incorporation process can be completed without you being here in person. Once the company is fully set up, onward handling and compliance matters can be completed via email or meeting in our Kuala Lumpur office. We work closely with the necessary Labuan authorities to perform all compliance duties on behalf of our clients. After company incorporation, investors can choose to open their offshore bank account in any foreign currencies of choice. Speak to our consultants today on how to setup a Labuan company as well as how to enjoy the maximum tax benefits in Labuan, Do reach out to us for a free consultation at +60 3 9212 6940 or consultant@qx-trust.com