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How to apply for a Work Permit in Labuan free trade zone and financial centre in Malaysia?

Who would be your trusted aide to help you get a Work Permit?

We at QX Trust Co. Ltd will ensure that you get it efficiently and in a hassles free process within a short time.

Labuan in Malaysia is a favoured destination for those desirous of setting up business overseas. As compared to other erstwhile so called tax heavens like Cayman Islands or Monaco, Labuan in Malaysia has distinct advantages due to its geographical location. It is a ‘mid-shore’ free trade jurisdiction for foreigners desirous of setting up an overseas venture.

When taxes applicable and cost of living are compared, it easily beats Singapore and Hong Kong.

Labuan Company promoters are entitled

  • To apply for two years of renewable multiple entry work permits.
  • These are applicable to all directors as well as expatriate professionals employed.
  • These are also applicable to their family members including spouse and children below 21 years of age.
  • It also includes a permission to stay in West Malaysia and Labuan.

Advantages of Labuan Work Permit

For those not desirous of staying in Malaysia, the two years of renewable multiple entry work permit facilitates the following:-

  • No visa necessary for Malaysian visits during the tenure.
  • Convenient entry in and exit from Malaysia for business meetings
  • Opening a bank account in Malaysia as a signatory
  • Permission for commercial activity which is normally not allowed for foreigners holding tourist visa in Malaysia.
  • You can have 100% ownership of your company, no local partner necessary.
  • You can set up a marketing office anywhere in Malaysia.
  • You are allowed to commercial dealings with Malaysians.

Documents necessary for successfully obtaining a Labuan Work Permit

For the main applicant

  1. 3 sets of copies of detailed CV duly signed by the applicant.
  2. 3 sets of photocopies of all pages- from the front cover to the back cover- of your passport. The information page must be certified and attested by a Notary Public.
  3. 2 sets of photocopies of certificate of your Highest Educational Qualification (A Bachelor’s Degree is a minimum requirement) duly certified and attested by a Notary Public.
  4. 4 copies of your coloured passport size photographs. The background must be white.
  5. Your Business plan inclusive of an organizational hierarchy map and financial forecast for the next three years.
  6. Two letters of reference attesting your good standing.

For the dependent persons (Spouse and children)

  1. 3 sets of photocopies of all pages- from the front cover to the back cover- of the passport of each dependent person. The copy of the information page of each passport must be certified and attested by a Notary Public. (The passports must be valid for minimum 2 years)
  2. 3 sets of photocopies of marriage certificate duly certified and attested by a Notary Public.
  3. 3 sets of photocopies of birth certificate of each child duly certified and attested by a Notary Public.
  4. 4 copies of coloured passport size photographs for each of the dependents. The background must be white.

(Please note that only those children who are below the age of 21 years are eligible as dependents.) 

Two Malaysian authorities are involved in granting a Labuan Work Permit

  1. Labuan Authority
  2. Malaysian Immigration Department

Landing Procedure

Once the Labuan Work Permit is approved, you will need to visit Malaysia along with your family members who have been declared as dependents. It will involve a day visit to Labuan. You will have a meeting with the Labuan Immigration department and your passports will be stamped with visas. You physical presence is required only for the first stamping. For the subsequent visa renewals your physical presence will not be necessary, unless the Labuan Immigration department specially requests you to be present.

(Please note that you must carry your return tickets during your first Malaysian trip for this purpose. These will be necessary at the Immigration Check Point on the Labuan Airport for verification of exit.)

Our role in the procedure

  • We will be there at every step to guide and advice you.
  • We have all the expertise necessary to help you in drawing your business plan.
  • We have a comprehensive immigration solution and will check all the documentation to be submitted for accuracy, completeness and due compliance before these are submitted to the relevant authorities. This will result in successfully obtaining your Work Permit
  • We will assist you at every step during your visit to Labuan including flight arrangements from Kuala Lumpur to Labuan.
  • We will also guide you on all aspects during your meeting with the Labuan Immigration Department.
  • We are normally able to successfully complete within 30 to 45 days; the process of approvals from both the authorities viz. The Labuan Authority as well as the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Please note some recent changes that have come in to force pertaining to Labuan Work Permit

For new Applications

  1. Minimum Income per month to be declared is now RM 10,000/- This income is subject to tax and depending on the status of residence the tax will vary from 0% to 28%.
  2. The Business plan must include the following (but not limited to these)
  • Nature of Business
  • Product or Services to be offered
  • Your target Market
  • Proposed organizational hierarchy map
  • Financial forecast for at least the next three years
  1. Before applying for a Labuan Work Permit, the Labuan Company must have an operational office address (and it should not be the address of the Resident Secretary).
  2. Each foreigner promoter must submit two letters of reference attesting the promoter’s good standing and this is not necessarily a letter from the Police Department certifying a Good Conduct.

For renewal of the 2 year’s Labuan Work Permit

Applications for renewal of existing Work Permit must be submitted at least six months prior to the date of expiry of such Work Permit. Following documents must accompany such an application for renewal.

  • The Expatriate’s Income-Tax Form EA for the recent financial year.
  • A copy of the expatriate’s latest Tax Return and receipt for tax payment made by the expatriate concerned.
  • Copies of latest three month’s pay-slips along with supporting bank-statements proving that minimum amount of RM 10,000 have been deposited.
  • Copies of the Labuan Company’s latest Financial Reports.
  • Copies of current Business plan including Financial forecast for at least the next three years
  • Latest Business contracts or invoices.
  • Copies of contract for renewed tenancy for the office premises in Labuan and if applicable of the Marketing Office.

The above changed requirements do not apply to applications of dependents like spouse, parents or children.

Please plan in advance so that all the requirements are complied with and your renewal application for renewal would be submitted six months before the expiry date.

(Please note that Labuan FSA may ask for more information or documentation or may send a request that the applicant attend an interview.)    

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